New asset class

Sets of thematic, tradable, collateralized crypto coins

Where does our name come from?

Aratar or High Ones of Arda are the eight greatest of the Valar - the angelic powers of Middle-earth. Our name represents responsibility, care, sincerity, and safety that we strive to bring through our products to world of crypto.

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What is Aratar?

Aratar is a set of thematic, tradable, collateralized crypto coins. We programmatically embed security rights into our tokens, support their value with underlying assets, and enable conversion into other coins or cash. It is our belief, that by making digital investments easy, secure, and compliant we facilitate global crypto adoption and build trust in DeFi.

Crypto Evolution

The crypto world has evolved from decentralized form of payment to a spectrum of technologies and digital assets referred to as crypto tokens. Index Coin is a representative of a new asset class – coins that are secured by underlying tokens with automatic rebalancing of collateral. Aratar merges the worlds of traditional finance and DeFi.

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